Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We're so Thankful...

for these sweet precious girls and many other things. As Tenley says "Rainbows, Sky, Sea, Birds, ya know!"

 Some pictures from our pre Halloween Photo shoot. I also have some great pictures from the costume carnival at Tenleys school, Trunk or Treat at the church, and a night out to dinner on Halloween. I'm so glad I did this - much less stressful. It always feels like the weeks and days leading up to Halloween are super busy and stressful, but then you get over this one fun silly day and things slow down for a few weeks (okay maybe 1 week), and then you get into Thanksgiving programs, Pow Wows, Thanksgiving meals, Christmas party planning and shopping. So I am thankful we had a good slow week and a weekend at home before the chaos started again. I'll admit, we enjoyed watching the MSU vs Kentucky game from the confines of our living room in our pj's. (The game was at 2:30!) We have a night of Disney on Ice, a bonfire, MSU vs Alabama game watching, spend the night birthday party, and Sunday School breakfast planned for the weekend, and then both girls have Thanksgiving programs during the next week. All followed by singing in church on Sunday before Thanksgiving and we're still trying to figure out our TG and Egg Bowl plans. All we can say is GO DAWGS it's going to be a busy 2 weeks, but we can handle it!


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Missin the Patch

This year we took a break from our annual pumpkin patch visit since we have all been on the go. We decided to enjoy a lazy afternoon at Memaw and PawPaws and to let the girls play together. We all arrived after lunch and enjoyed an early supper and the traditional grape salad.
To keep the girls occupied, I brought craft supplies for pumpkins and cats. Our girls had made cats at Beckys the weekend before, and since we had plenty of scrap pieces from our pool fence, I decided this would be perfect. The little girls got naked and they all enjoyed the whole 30 mins of craftiness before they got back to chasing each other and being silly.
So here it is 5 days till Halloween and we still don't have pumpkins. I guess we'll have a pumpkin carving night this week between dance and Trunk or Treating.
 Quality Silly Cousin Time!
 They think they are being scary!
One more silly:
 Before school one morning she found this!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Pony Up

Before coming home, the girls were spoiled by my cousins with junk food, a big breakfast, and pony rides. They started out bare back but then saddled up and circled the house a time or two. Tenley wasn't real sure about it at first but she got the hang of it and then got comfortable. As you can see from their pictures, they dressed the part. We actually bought them both new cowgirl boots on our way out of town on Friday, so they could be fully outfitted!
We're so thankful for the time we got to spend in Mathiston with Becky, Mark, Wesley, Jeff and Kim. We really wish we could do it much more often. There is never a dull moment with this bunch. From riding ponies, four wheelers, and shooting guns, you never know what they'll have in store. I'm still waiting on our invite to a haunted hay ride for this year! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

In the News... #1 Bulldogs

It's all over the news... local and national, and boy are we all excited. Being fans of the #1 Bulldogs is awesome and very unexpected. I'll admit, I've been close to tears at the end of the Auburn game and watching the segments on ESPN Game Day and on the new SEC Network, which I dreaded, but am loving. We took a weekend trip to God's Country, aka Starkville, to visit family and catch the excitement of the Auburn vs. State Game.

 We started out on Friday with dinner in Grenada, and then watching my cousin's football game at Calhoun City. We still can't believe our little ring bearer is a senior! Saturday, we girls slept in while the boys went to campus early to set up the tailgate area. After stops for cold medicine and drinks we made it to campus. We headed over to visit Uncle Dale at the Auburn locker room, and then roamed around until game time.

We watched the game from the tailgate, since there was a slight screw up with our tickets for the game, but we believe God was working in our favor. Tenley fell asleep in my lap about 30 mins before kick off and slept through most of the first quarter. She fought a cold the entire weekend. Then the beautiful blue skies turned grey and the bottom fell out. We were soaked at the tailgate with the wind blown rain, we would have been miserable in the stadium.

 The girls enjoyed playing in the rain (yes, we're the parents of the year with a sick kid in the rain), and cheering with the girls at the tailgate next to ours during the game. After the bulldog win, we headed home to watch the Ole Miss game, but I don't think anyone saw the end of it. We were all pleasantly surprised the next day when the rankings came out with State at #1 and Ole Miss at #3. We can't wait to see how things shake out as the season continues, it's been a fun ride to the top considering we weren't even on the ride at the start of the season. We just hope we don't have a hard fall!
Let's Go Dawgs!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fair Fun Times

With our first 9 weeks of school down we decided to do some celebrating with friends at the State Fair. We went on a family night special and got the girls arm bands, and they got their monies worth! They rode all the kids rides and we wrapped up by visiting the 4H barn and the chickens that bit Tenleys finger earlier in the day on a class field trip chaperoned by Juju and Papaw.

These 2 are dare devils. They really weren't tall enough for most of the rides, but only by a few centimeters so they let them on and they cracked us up the entire time. Whatever the big sisters did the little ones wanted to do as well. We enjoyed dinner and fellowship before heading home to bed and crashing.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dancing in Their Dreams

The girls and I took a morning to have a photo shoot in their dance costumes. We got up early and headed out to the Visitors Center before it got too hot. After 5 costume changes, we were done. They had a blast and I got some great shots. I'm so glad I captured these, they show the girls personalities so well. Brooke's sassy/serious side and Tenley shy/silly side.

We are so proud of these beautiful girls! They both love dance and Brooke made the competition team this year, so we are in for a full season of dance! We're going to have Tenley try t-ball this spring and see how she likes it, but Brooke has declared no to sports that require getting hot and sweaty. We'll see if that changes!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Seven and Four.... Time Slow Down

 We celebrated the girls birthdays with a swim party the first of June. I'd say it was one of the easiest parties we've hosted yet... we had the pool, we just had to cook a few hot dogs and get a cake! Since my girls aren't cake eaters (crazy), they requested a giant cookie cake!

We had a load of girls and one boy over for the party with cousins, and other family in the mix!
 These girls are growing too fast. They've already started planning their birthday parties for next year. So far Tenley has requested a movie night party with girls only, and Brooke is wanting a sleep over... we'll see what happens!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Fun

 To go along with the beginning of school we've enjoyed some additional excitement...

Brooke attended Cheer Camp and then we attended the first home game to watch her cheer or let her cheer. The second graders were supposed to cheer near the North end zone, but the cheerleaders got the North and South end zones mixed ups so we missed actually seeing her cheer, but the girls had fun at the game and the Arrows are having a good season!
Tenley has been enjoying herself in school, she had show and tell each Tuesday in September. The first week we forgot, so she improvised and showed the stripes on her shirt. The second week we forgot, and she showed her fingers and toes. Finally the third week we remembered and she showed her butterfly necklace, and then the last week she took a cowbell to celebrate the MSU victory over LSU!
She enjoyed cowgirl day and got to borrow her sisters hat and borrowed a friends boots!
Last week, I took a morning off to visit the zoo with her class. We had a blast. The animals were extra lively and we finally saw the hippos and the baby tiger. We had so much fun that we went back on Saturday morning!
We celebrated Craig's Birthday with a weekend of celebration and then shipped him off to San Diego for a week for work. While he was gone, we participated in the color run at Brooke's school. I don't have any pictures because I was a tad distracted with being in charge or registration and a kid with a mosquito bite!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


So, what has taken me away from the blog and why am I beginning again. Well, somewhat by choice, technology, and laziness. Let me begin by saying it has been a busy but exciting year...
1. Stressed/Busy...I began a new job the very beginning of January as the Assistant Branch Chief for the Design Branch in Engineering and Construction. While I enjoyed this challenge and the people I was working with, it wasn't exactly what I wanted to do, I was responsible for developing the budget and overseeing training of the branch. Then at the end of January I was selected for an interview for a new position at the Mississippi Valley Division as the Mississippi Rivers and Tributaries Team Senior Program Manager. (gee that makes me sound old) This position had been vacant for the past 4 years. So with this, I have enjoyed new challenges of working with people and traveling up and down the Valley from the Canadian border and the Gulf of Mexico. It has been exciting, a tad stressful at times, but I'm liking it. I'm in the process of hiring a staff... yep my team has pretty much been a team of 1 since March, but that should be changing soon. I'm working on hiring a Civil Engineer and a Biologist to keep me out of trouble!
2. Technology has had the best of me. The computer I normally blog on sits in our Bedroom, while this isn't a good excuse to not being able to blog it does take me away from the family and since it is going on 10 years old it was getting SLOW. 
3. Lazy... after getting a tablet for Christmas 2 years ago, I found myself doing my internet surfing (Pinterest, Facebook, etc,)  from the comforts of the living room with the family. Unfortunately it didn't have the capability for downloading and editing pictures.  
4.More business... These girls keep us on the go, between dance, swimming, trips to the zoo, church, etc, we never know whether we're coming or going, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!
So, how am I getting back on track. Well, Craig surprised me with a new Dell 360 computer/tablet for HIS birthday. Why? Well, he had finally gotten tired of my complaints about my slow computer, and he was the one who left my tablet sitting on the floor to be stepped on!
As for more beginnings... the girls started a new school year in August - Second Grade and Preschool. After a summer of fun at home with our babysitter Ms. Molly, Brooke started a week before Tenley. So, Tenley was good and spoiled by the time she had to start (it didn't help that I was out of town that week!). We moved Tenley to our church Pre-K program and have loved it, and Brooke is going there for Afterschool as well. We've gotten into a pretty good routine with Dance 2 nights a week, and homework every night but Wednesdays. Brooke is one of the top readers in her class and is enjoying the Accent (gifted) Program and Tenley is actually starting to try to read some. She is constantly trying to figure out which letters words start with, but is still having trouble saying "yellow"! She says "Lellow".    
I'm glad I'm getting to catch up on these precious memories, I can't believe it's been since May and then January before that when I posted. I have some catching up to do, but I have a game plan, and then the fall always has a lot of extra activities to post.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Turning Over a New Leaf...

With the start of Fall and now that things are somewhat slowing down, I think it's about time I caught up on the family blog.... to start I'll share a sweet moment from today...
Today was the FUMC Choir Dedication Sunday. I had 16 sweet Cherub Choir members come to sing. All was going well, until the hymn before our turn to sing, and then things started falling apart. One kid needed to go potty, then another, and then Tenley had a mosquito attack. She is still having major reactions to mosquito bites... hard knots, water blisters, no fun, and the band aide had come off or rather she took off of one she got on Friday night. So, she had a melt down and had to be taken out, and missed her turn to sing. The rest of my group did great, and this was most of the groups first time to sing in church. To view the video visit my Facebook Page. Here they are getting a pep talk from my accompanist, Mr. Russell.
After our group sang, the Children's Choir was up, with a solo from our very own Brooke. So glad we have this recorded, it was her first solo in church, and she sang beautifully and can't wait to do it again. I don't think she was nervous at all.

More fun updates to come!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dance Dance and More Dance

Although we have a dance recital at the house every Monday night with Dancing with the Stars, and then some, the girls official Dance Recital for Just Dance was held the Saturday before Mothers Day at Belhaven Center of Performing Arts.

 This was Tenley's first recital and we were a little worried that Tenely might not perform, but she sure proved us wrong. At the rehearsal the night before, she put on a show for everyone. She was so into it, with a huge smile on her face! Everyone was cheering her name, which made her get into it even more. Our cute little "Itsy Bitsy Spider"!

 Mothers Day pictures with their Memaw and Juju! 
 Pictures with their grandparents - they were so excited that they had a big crowd their to watch them!
 We're planning to do a photo shoot of them in their costumes this weekend if it's not raining so stay tuned!

Go USA - 2014 3K Olympics

Each year, Morrison Heights host the Olympic games for the 3k and 4k kids. This year, I helped by leading a sweet group of girls around through the events. It was so much fun. The kids parade in to the Olympic music waving their American flags, and then 3 kids are chosen to run the torch in. Tenley was the middle runner this year. At the end of the games, they each get a medal, and stand at the podium together for the National Anthem. Here are a few snippets from the day!
Parading in and passing the torch. 

  Enjoying the games with her friends!
 Proud of her medal!
Saluting during the National Anthem - too sweet!